Propane is known to be environmental and cost-effective. You can feel comfortable and safe knowing your home will be heated through the winter months with propane heating. Propane can also be used residentially in many ways, including hot water tanks, fireplaces, barbeques, lighting and appliances.

Heaters & Furnaces

Clean energy heaters, furnaces, wall heaters, unit heaters, and space heaters that are long-lasting and reliable.

Hot Water Tanks

Small, space-friendly units offered for rent or purchase to supply sinks, showers and more.

Fireplaces & BBQs

Propane fireplaces in different styles for your home with best in-class warranties. Bring your cooking experience outdoors with a Napolean BBQ.


Going off grid can be made easy with propane appliances. We have a complete selection of ranges, fridges, freezers, dryers, pool heaters, and generators.


Great for off the grid for homes, cottages, cabins, trailers, hunt camps,and more. Falks lights are manufactured in Canada and know for their reliability.