Tips to ensure safe and timely deliveries:
  • To ensure your tank is accessible for safe delivery, create a path and blow snow away from your tank.
  • Make sure to clear snow off of your tank, gas lines and regulator. Use a broom or a brush to do so without damaging the equipment. This will also prevent your equipment from freezing.
  • Keep watch of ice and snow that could fall off your roof near the tank.
Detecting a leak

If you smell cabbage or rotten eggs, you may be out of gas or have a leak. If you are concerned you have a leak, please contact one of our offices and we will assist you in your next step.

Turning on the BBQ

Is your BBQ tank full, but you’re having trouble lighting it? Try turning your tank off and waiting about 30 seconds. Then, very slowly turn the tank back on, only a quarter of a turn. The new tanks have safety shut offs built in, and if they are turned on too quickly the shut off may activate and will not allow propane to flow.